Sunday, November 17, 2019

"A Handful of Souls" - Progress 2

A Tale of Love, Loss, and Necromancy

"A Handful of Souls" will be a Dark Fantasy story following the runaway, Cat (Catriona), having what little she has being cruelly taken from her. Lost and alone, when a mysterious power offers to bring back some of what she once had, Cat has to accept. But this world offers nothing without cost, a harsh lesson she will now have to learn.

Hello hello! I'm happy to say the story is coming along very well. I'm currently working on chapter seven, though the chapters are remaining quite short at around four to six pages each. 

I'm liking these short chapters. Being able to finish one quickly is a nice boost.

And I actually have some solid ideas for a middle and end to the story, which is incredibly rare!

Monday, November 11, 2019

"A Handful of Souls" - Progress 1

Hello hello! After getting distracted with 'Metal Gear Survive', addictive game (wish I got it when the multiplayer was still alive), I've managed to make some decent progress on my new story.

Speaking of which...
What would you give for a chance to see the loved and lost once more? To hold them again? To feel their warmth? To share some final words?
What would you be willing to sacrifice?
Questions a young Catriona will have to answer in
"A Handful of Souls" (a working title).

Though the two chapters I've written have been quite short so far, they've been pretty intense and things are not slowing down.

This will be a dark fantasy piece heavily involving necromancy, loosely based on D&D lore.
 Assuming all goes well, I'm looking to make it into a novella.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

A New Beginning

After an immensely busy Halloween season I've finally decided to begin a new tale that I'd been rattling around for a little while.

Don't have a working title yet, but the idea is the young protagonist flees from a lethal bandit attack on her companions. Coming across an ancient phylactery left by a long gone lich whose greatly weakened soul still remains inside, the protagonist uses lingering necromantic energies to get revenge on the bandits and reanimate her fallen friends. The lich keeps the protagonist and her friends 'alive' in exchange for fresh souls with which it seeks to eventually reform its decrepit body and once more walk the mortal world.

Just getting started, not sure where it's going to go, but the writing has begun!

I'll likely be bouncing back and forth between this and Alice for now, but the Chapter Art Drawing Contest is still going on, currently in Chapter 4's. Chapters available under 'The Jellybane'.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

When Mice Were Giants released!

Hello, hello! So I've decided to release 'When Mice Were Giants' early. I was planning to wait until it had some cover art, but I'm just too excited to hear what folks think of this little fable.

'When Mice Were Giants' is a story of how mice, once the largest of all Earth's creatures, became so small.

You can now click this link to it or the one under pages.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

When Mice Wre Giants

Hey folks! I have been taking a break from writing Alice Dippleblack's adventures to write a fable I'm calling, "When Mice Were Giants".

It's my first such work, but I am rather excited about it. I've already had it edited by my awesome editor, Kayla Ware, and am now in the process of trying to convince the incredible Connie Walker to make a cover art piece for it. As some may know, Connie is the epic talent behind the Alice Dippleblack covers.

"When Mice Were Giants" is a short piece (just over 7 typed pages) that tells the story of how mice became one of the smallest of animals after starting out as one of the largest.

The idea was largely inspired by a Native American fairy tale called 'The Boy Who Lassoed the Sun.'

I plan to upload the story soon, maybe after the cover art is done, or before if I get too impulsive. I hope everyone has a chance to read it.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Chapter 3 Drawing Contest Results!

Hello, friends! Forgive the delay in the Chapter 3 Drawing Contest's results. Generally, I like to wait until my editor, Kayla Ware, returns the chapter I've finished and I go through the corrections before ending the current contest and moving onto the next. Kayla is very busy at the moment, so it is taking a bit longer to get the chapter back.

In any case, I believe my contestants have waited long enough! It is time to view The Jellybane Chapter 3's Chapter Art Drawing Contest's results!

We have four wonderful entries submitted by two very talented artists this round and surprisingly, they all center around the same part of the chapter. So, I've decided to present them in chronological order rather than in order of places.

The first entry was submitted by Ashleigh Davenport of Final Beat Comics

This wonderful scene depicts a memory of Alice's from when the Tokala was just a kit. Coming across an old log in the forest, Alice decides to take a break, sitting upon it. The log's shape reminds the young fox of the wondrous stories her father used to tell her, including tales about the awesome might of dragons and the fearless warriors that once rode them.

The image shows Alice's father, Robert Dippleblack, telling an adorable Alice of the great behemoths just before bed. I love the thought bubbles from Alice creating the image of her father's words.

I am awarding this image 2nd place, earning Ashleigh the $15 prize! Congratulations! And thank you for your entry!

The next three pieces are from the incredible Connie Walker, who has generously submitted entries to each of my little contests, for which I am very grateful.

 While resting on the log, the memories of her father's dragons inspire Alice's imagination, the log suddenly looking very much like the neck of one of the legendary creatures. She pretends to ride one of the fabled winged beasts for a moment, until her shifting about disturbs a particularly large worm.

The illusion broken, the fox then settles to watch the worm wiggle free of the old log to find a place less bothered by young girls and their dragons.

Both of these entries depict Alice in this scene, though Connie presents Alice in two differing styles as well as angles. Both display the artist's high level of skill, expertly using hatching and cross-hatching to create a great array of depths between Alice in the foreground and the forest in the background.

I really appreciate the detail put into every aspect of Connie's work, with Alice's fur, clothes, and expression, along with the bark of the trees and bits of other flora all really bring this fantastical world to life.

 In Connie's last entry, Alice has been torn away from her worm watching by something rustling her way among the trees. Knowing the forest to be a place of many dangers, the fox immediately goes on the alert, and is, in fact, about to meet someone who is going to change her life forever.

You can find out who by checking out Chapter 3 as well as previous chapters here.
I'm awarding Connie Walker 1st and 3rd place's prizes, netting her $35 for her entries. 
Congratulations and thank you and I hope to see your continued participation in the next contest!

Chapter 4's Contest is now Open
All are welcome to enter. The three top entries receive a cash prize, while the number one entry will be in print along with the finished novel.
Check out the Rules here.

Meanwhile, I am beginning Chapter 13 of Alice Dippleblack in 'The Jellybane'

Friday, August 23, 2019

The Jellybane Chapter 12 Update

I've finally done what I can with Chapter 12 and have sent it off to my editor, Kayla Ware, ruler of

In Chapter 12, Alice and her friends are tasked with cleansing a  spring of the jellies that have come to inhabit it. In exchange for this service, the pixies of the forest offer them much needed food.

The Chapter 3 Drawing contest will come to a close once Chapter 12 is completely edited, so there is still about a week and a half left in the contest.