Friday, August 23, 2019

The Jellybane Chapter 12 Update

I've finally done what I can with Chapter 12 and have sent it off to my editor, Kayla Ware, ruler of

In Chapter 12, Alice and her friends are tasked with cleansing a  spring of the jellies that have come to inhabit it. In exchange for this service, the pixies of the forest offer them much needed food.

The Chapter 3 Drawing contest will come to a close once Chapter 12 is completely edited, so there is still about a week and a half left in the contest.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Chapter 12 is Done!

Chapter 12 of The Jellybane is done! 
And will now be entering it's editing stage.

 In this chapter, the girls are asked by their hopeful new allies to cleanse a nearby spring of the jellies that have congregated there. Alice and her friends agree to do so in exchange for much needed food, only to find the task a far greater chore than they could have possibly imagined.

The chapter now being edited means the Chapter Art Drawing Contest for Chapter 3 has about 3 weeks or so left in it. So still plenty of time to enter.

As I continue to progress in the completion of my novel rewrite, I'm hosting a contest to make art for each chapter. Winners of the contests receive the prize money ($30) and also have their work displayed in the final novel.

There are now also runner up prizes for 2nd and 3rd place winners amounting to $15 and $5 respectively. All entries will also be proudly displayed in the chapter Art Contest Results videos after each contest via YouTube.

For info on the contests please visit the Contest Page

Here is the arrestingly intense entry of fellow novelist Sara A. Noe (author of A Fallen Hero) for Chapter 2's Drawing Contest. A big thank you to Sara for participating!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Drawing Contest and Chapter 12 Progress Updates

The Winning Entry for the Chapter 2's Chapter Art Drawing Contest by Connie Walker (
You can check out the video here.

Chapter 3's contest is currently ongoing and
all are welcome to participate.
Rules                    Chapters

I'm also adding a 2nd and 3rd place award tiers:
1st Place - $30 and art displayed in the final novel
2nd Place - $15
3rd Place - $5

Just as a thank you for participating. All participants will also have their work displayed on my social media and various videos I make.

As for Chapter 12, I'm nearly done writing it. In this chapter, the girls are tasked by the pixies to cleanse a spring of the vile jellies that have congregated about it in exchange for much needed food.

Chapter 3's Drawing Contest will continue until the chapter is written and fully edited, so there are still a few weeks for participants to send entries.

You can also support my work by becoming a Patreon.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Chapter 2's Results, And Chapter 3's Contest Begins!

Chapter 2's contest is now over, results are in, and Chapter 3's contest has begun!

Big thank you to Connie Walker (our second time winner) and Sara Noë (Author of 'A Fallen Hero') 
Available on Amazon

For participating in my little contest. Wonderful work from the both of you and I am very much looking forward to your participation in future contests!

As mentioned, with the end of Chapter 2's, Chapter 3's contest has begun and all are invited to participate!

Chapters are now available right here on my Blog up to the current contest chapter.
There has also been an update to the rules page, so please check that out here.

If you know others that might be interested in participating, feel encouraged to share with family and friends!

Chapter 3's contest will continue until I finish writing and editing Chapter 12 which will probably be in about a month.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

1 Week left for Chapter 2 Drawing Contest

Hey guys, I just sent off Chapter 11 to my awesome editor, Kayla Marie Ware, who has recently brought her new site online, check it out at

This means, there is about 1 week left in Chapter 2's Drawing contest! Still time to submit entries.

What I'm looking for in these contests is for you to read the chapter and draw a scene from that chapter using only black and white.

Chapter 1's winning entry by Connie Walker ( is a perfect example:

Winners will have their entries placed in the final novel heading the chapters they are for with their names given well earned recognition, plus the contest's prize money.

Check out the contest page for more details on entering.

Meanwhile, I'll be beginning Chapter 12 of The Jellybane's rewrite.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Chapter 11 is Written!

In The Jellybane Chapter 11, 
Alice and her friends learn more of the pixies and their desire to see the jelly monsters vanquished. Twinkaleni, feeling the party can use this to improve their chances of survival in this dangerous forest, works to encourage exchanges between the girls and these potential allies.
The chapter is written and will be edited by me for the next few days for clean up and then sent over to my editor Kayla Marie Ware for a final go over.

Speaking of which, Kayla's brand new site has just come online at
where she offers her amazing services for all your editing needs.
She has proven time and time again to be an excellent editor for me and will no doubt prove the same to you.

As for the 2nd Chapter Art Drawing Contest, with the chapter down but in need of editing, there are only about two weeks left in this contest period, so be sure to submit your entries soon!

Chapter 3's contest will be held immediately after the conclusion of the 2nd which means more chances to win prize money and a place in the final novel!

Check out the contest page for information on entering.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Chapter 11 Progress

Hey guys, my editor has returned Chapter 10 of The Jellybane, edits have been made and now I am fully focused on Chapter 11, which is over halfway done!

For those who are participating in the Chapter 2 Art Drawing Contest, or would like to, this means there are about 2-3 weeks left for submissions.

Once Chapter 2's contest is done, Chapter 3's will begin!
 For those interested at a chance at some prize money and a place to show your art in a novel, check out the contest page.

Here is another wonderful entry for the Chapter 1 contest by talented artist Connie Walker (
This scene depicts Alice, talking with her friend Ashley by the well in Alice's home village of Toki.
Ashley is a Didel or opossum person, the name stemming from their scientific name, Didelphimorphia.